Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Movies: Death at a Funeral

LOL! This look like a good movie to actually go IN the theaters to watch. Martin, Chris, Loretta, Tracy, Mistah Danny, Luke and Zoe (her sexy self) all star in this all-star film. This will be a must see for me, what about yall?

Both songs brought to you by none other than the Kang of R&B: Ursha baby!

Stay Down

Doesn't Ush give us fire(!) every album cycle? Raymond vs. Raymond was set to be released Dec. 21st, but has been pushed back to March of next year. I'm mad, but I know it'll be worth the wait. O, and congrats to Papers reaching #1 on the charts. His 10th #1 I believe.

I Invented Sex (rmx)

Ursher, Miss Keri baaayBAY! and some other mofo colab for this remix. I don't like the original, but Usher and Keri added something to this track that it desperately needed. I can jam it proudly now!

Monday, November 30, 2009

New Music: Ludacris - "How Low"

LUDA!! Christopher Bridges always comes correct with the club bangers. Gone get you some!

Shawnna fool as hell for jumping labels! Wonder who Ludacris will get to replace the female MC guest spot on the Battle of the Sexes album. Lil' Kim maybe?

Janet week was last week, but I know I got lazy with it... Thanksgiving is a hell of a holiday. So moving on with the blogging, today's flashback is classic Janet and definitely one of my favorites.

Got 'Til It's Gone

I think this statement sums up the video

she[Janet] is showing the regular everyday people of S.Africa that don't have much, but they persevere towards happiness

Sidenote: Where is Q-Tip nowadays?

This was the shit when it came out. This proves that you can have a "small" voice, but with the right producers (Jam and Lewis), another talent (in her case dancing and acting), and good work ethic (instilled by Joe's belt) you can make it far and be in the game for longevity instead of making a quick buck with a bunk ass single.

As a bonus, here's a live performance of the song on Oprah. Note the "Shittin' on you hoes" face around 3:08

Just when you think Trey starts to make some decent music, he does THIS. People who like it say it's "catchy and fun" but damn that. The song is wack to me. So is the video. Gucci Man know he to old to be doing ish like this. Soulja Boy just needs to back to high school and away from the recording studio FOR GOOD.

How Trey gone try to come at R. Kelly then go out and put some stuff like this out? Shame... (smh).

New hotness from the Kang of R&B!

"In My Bag" (ft. T.T.)

Ursh is coming back HARD! Round heah we stans for the King of R&B. I support good music and Ush provides that along with a few other artists... VERY few. The beat it hot on this joint, too. T.I. is a nice addition to the song, but ain’t he suppose to be behind bars though? Or house arrest? Either way I'm sure he'll get to spend time with Miss Piggy Tiny and the kids.

I kind of like when R&B singers do braggadocios songs just to hear all the one-liners they come up with.

"You tryna wife it, I already tore it up..."
"I'm so fly, I got permanent jetlag"
“Industry’s in the recession, but I’m still spending from Confessions”
"Wouldn't even have a style without me"

Yea. Like MJB did with "Queen"

What do yall think about the track?

I missed yesterday's post, but give me a couple minutes and I'll give you a good reason. Now let's start JJ week.

Miss You Much

This is one of my favorite Janet songs. The routine with the chairs was new and impressive for that time (I think). Classic song from a classic album. This is one of those videos that really don't need much concept as long as the dancing was great. Why were all her male background dancers back in the day gay though? Or seemed so?

What's It Gonna Be?! (To make up for yesterday)

Not really Janet's song per se, but this was my ISH!! The beat, production, err'thang was on point in this song. Dominatrix Jan was SEXAY!! She was killin the hook. Find me one muh-fukka that didn't like this song when it dropped.

Sidenote: What the hell has been going on with Busta? And what happened to GOOD music?!

Janet Week continued tomorrow.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Award Show: American Music Awards

The AMA was nothing special this year besides a few good performances, "WTF" moments, some people I never heard of winning the awards (Da fuck is a Gloriana?), and that Taylor Swift grl winning awards out of sympathy. Yep, that's what I'm calling it. With that, I'll skip right on to the performances.

Mary J. Blige Queen of Hip-Hop/R&B Soul (her official name) - "I Am"

What is there to be said about Mary that hasn't already been said over the years? Great singer, performer and overall artist.

You Know you wrong For...: Actually, I can't find nuthing wrong with Mary on this performance or song. If I did my ma would be right here ready with the backhand of life.

Why We Love Mary: How can you NOT (have) love for Mary? Sure, she has times when she sounds "off" on stage, but she can still sing better than the bishes in the music game now. Plus, we've chalked that up to her "emotion" and "passion". And she straight murks the stage too, given the right song.

That face and squal at the end (3:28) = CLASSIC MARY!

Sidenote: Her and Perez Hilton had the same hair style.

Alicia Keys - "Try Sleeping With a Married Man Broken Heart"

This song has grown on me. Is it me or has her voice changed over the years? But I see you Alicia, trying to do the coochie-crank Tootsie Roll dance.

You Know you wrong For...: Stealing Ciara's "Promise" background and dancers. And what the hell was up with the flying piano? Where they do that at? [*A.Red]

Why We Love Alicia: Because we still hold on to hope that she'll go back to making songs like this

Lady GaGa - Bad Romance / Speechless

GaGa Addams shut her set DOWN. Setting shit on fire and slitting her wrist with all the broken glass, but in a good, entertaining way. Yall catch the look on her face at the end? She's aint playin' with them bubble gum-pop hoes.

You Know You Wrong For...: Making your costume look like you got a dang-lang.

Why We Love GaGa: The bish can sing and dance all LIVE! Her music ain't bad either. She's the good kind of different without trying too hard (side-eye at Rihanna)

Ms Jackson! (I'm nasty today) - Medley of hits

Janet proved why she was and still is a strong force in this business. Putting them young girls to shame like that. Get 'em Janet! I smell more number 1's with her moving back to A&M Records.

You Know You Wrong For...: Nothing was wrong, IMO.

Why We Love Janet: I don't even have to go through this. She's music royalty to me.

Sidenote: JJ and Ciara need to do a song and/or dance video in the new year.

Flyy Girl Ambition Jennifer Lopez - "Louboutons"

A boxing ring? Ring announcer? More than 2 background dancers? Smoke machine? An entrance? Where she get the budget for all a'this?! I guess she really is trying to make a comeback. The song is alright for them girls who like to make catchphrases out of things. You know...

LaQuania: "I threw on my Louboutons and walked out that damn do'!"

Sha-Tonka: "That bitch tried me so I threw on my Louboutons and stomped the shiz-it outta ha' ass!"

Yea, them girls.

You Know You Wrong For... Stealing Lady GaGa's dress-thingy from the "Paparazzi" video

Why We Love J.Lo: Like it or not, she ruled the game at one point, Late 90's to early 00's to be more exact. We liked her songs don't lie. "If You Had My Love"? "All I Have"? Yea...

Sidenote: Yall see her bust her ass?! LMAO. I know she was thanking the Lawd that she got enough coushion to bounce right back up and finish the performance. The whole set was nice though and she recovered well. Got to give her props for that.

Whitney Houston - "Didn't Know My Own Strength"

Nippy sho' can talk a song, eh? She did aiite, though. Seems like her voice is trying to find its way back through all the weed and crack. Don't yall look at me like that...

You Know You Wrong For...: Not fixing your daughters gap! You can see plain as day she got 'Bob-Bay's' teeth. She cute and all but damn...

Why We Love Nippy: Before her and Bobby had Something In Common (dat crack) She was the shit! The Voice! We still remember all the good times we had with Whitney. Preacher's Wife, Waiting To Exhale, "I Will Always Love You" and all that.

Now on to the other performance... (sighs)

Rihanna - The Wait Is Ova / Hard

Don't make me do this...

You Know You Wrong For...: Thinking you could sing live.

Why YALL Love Rihanna?: I wanna know. Tell me.

Shakira - Noooooo!

GaGa in drag Adam Lambert - Da hell was all that? Why he push some dude in his peen area. None of them male background dancers had better not been black.

Timbaland - Is it too hard to find a jacket that fits? Look like he wearing something out of Burlington's Kids Section.

Eminem - I missed it.

Overall it was pretty suckish. 50 Cent's singing was better than Rihanna's. GaGa was screwed out of her wins (what is a Gloriana?), and Taylor Swift won only b/c Kanye shut her ass down at the MTV awards (I said it!). How that lil white girl beat MJ and GaGa's fool ass?!

Look for my Janet Tribute to start tomorrow. I'm done today.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Video: Janet Jackson - "Make Me"

Really, what did you expect from a Janet Jackson uptempo music video but great dancing and her looking all kinds of sexy. Just proves you don't have to be half-nekkid, gyrating, slinging your cho-cha in the the camera to have a great video. It gives me kind of a "Scream" vibe and there's nothing wrong with that.

Janet KILLS the dancing. How does a 43 year old woman shit on the girls that are out here HALF her age (in terms of looks and overall talent[singing, dancing, so-on, so-on]). JJ makes sure her dancers stay on point though, they never miss a beat.

In other JJ related news, she just signed a new recording deal with A&M Records, where she broke out big into the music scene.

A source tells the New York Daily News that Interscope Geffen A&M quietly signed Jackson to a recording contract in October. She was also seen at a UFC fight with Interscope head honcho Jimmy Iovine last month.

“Jimmy has given the mandate to make this Janet record a success,” says the paper’s source. “He believes that he has the right team in place to finally take Janet back to the top of the music charts. It’s a top priority for the label.”


I smell classic Janet coming in the new year. You know what? I think I'll do a tribute to my baby mama Janet next week. Each day I'll post one of my favorite videos/songs from her. She has hits and jams for years so no quite sure how I'll sort that out...

It's sound aiite, really nothing special. Timbo's new music hasn't been getting to me like production's he did for Aaliyah, Missy n 'nem. I like JT too. He's a cool dude, but he may be getting replaced by Robin Thicke soon if he don't come out with some new GOOD music. "Sex Therapy" make you want to do some thangs.

I don't know if I'm going to buy new album. Shoot, I didn't even buy the first one. What say y'all? Anyone looking forward to "Shock Value II"?